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Do farm audits improve milk quality? / 2013-11-12
A recent to-be-published article from Wageningen University has studied the audits data from 12855 dairy farms to evalute whether audits will impact on the milk quality. The result indicated that the answer is true if advices from the professionals are being followed for at least 6 months.
Distribution and identification of culturable airborne microorganisms in a Swiss milk processing facility / 2013-11-07
A simple surveillance system based upon counting of airborne particles could be implemented and could be further used to evaluate the effectiveness of the dairy plant's sanitation program and to identify potential sources of airborne contamination, resulting in increased food safety.
Liquid milk demand booming, views of the packaging industry / 2013-10-30
MILK PACKAGING company Tetra Pak says demand for liquid dairy products is set to grow by 2.5% in the next three years.
Milk-based pregnancy tests: A new trend in 2013? / 2013-10-22
Although some dairy producers have a tried and true method of pregnancy diagnosis on their dairies, new and emerging technologies are in the works to help improve efficiency in this area of the reproductive program.
Agribusinesses help New Zealand's dairy women in getting better with new technologies / 2013-10-22
TECHNOLOGY OF FARM will be the focus of Dairy Women's Network's second annual virtual learning forum being launched this month.
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